Winter in Hocking Hills


Day 1 – Feb. 18th, 2017, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Day 2 – Feb 19th, 2017, Hocking Hill, Ohio

Robert Coomer

Robert Coomer

FIne Art Photographer

Robert Coomer is a fine art photographer chasing light and nature, both above and below ground. He has won many local and national awards, and has been involved in commercial design and photography for over 20 years. For the last 15 years he has been showing his work at regional art shows and fine art galleries.

To learn more about Robert Coomer, visit his website.

Tom Croce

Tom Croce

Landscape and Macro Photographer

Tom Croce believes that photography begins with the act of seeing, it is the art of noticing and seeing the beauty in nature and capturing that moment. Through his images Tom works to create environmental portraits that are expressions of the emotion and feeling of a place at the time of making the exposure, and to create images that capture a sense of time and place.

To learn more about Tom Croce visit his website.

Improve your winter photography!
Join us in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio as winter transforms the landscape. We will spend each day exploring as long as the light allows, shooting the landscapes located in and around areas such as Ash Cave, Old Mans Cave, Rock House, Conkles Hollow, or Cantwell Cliffs.

Great! I’m already sold, sign me up to make better photos!

Why shoot with us?
Robert Coomer and Tom Croce are professional photographers, and we are bringing you into our world for a day or two. Learn how we approach situations to find the best opportunities. We work hard to select the best locations for that time, for that light. Our shooting schedules and locations are not set, we are flexible to adapt to changing situations, or the interest of out participants. If there is no snow and ice, we will shoot the general landscapes, the running water and waterfalls. If there is no water, we will look at rock shapes, macro opportunities, or we may go light paint in Rock House. There are always exciting images to make. You just have to see them.

Receive personal hands on instruction based upon your skill level.
Our style ranges from complete hands off if you are comfortable shooting but just need a little push to find the best locations and compositions, to extensive help for others who do not have a vision, and may be struggling with finding the right shot or setting up your shots. We can’t guarantee snow and ice, but we will help you see and shoot the images you want and find your personal artistic vision.

We offer in field critiques.
we look at your images as you are shooting them, and will offer help and suggestions on how to create a great shot. Why wait to look at them later, when you can fix them there, in the field.

Participation for this workshop is limited to 12.
That is only 6 people per instructor at the maximum! Expect personal attention if you want it.

Participants should have an understanding of exposure and know how to operate their camera. We know Canon and Nikon, but can generally help with other brands as well. Each day’s schedule will vary depending on the weather, but in general we will be photographing all day. This will be hands on learning and all questions and issues will be addressed in the field.

General Itinerary:
Day 1 – Plan to begin shooting a first light at Ash Cave. We will determine where we go from there based on the weather.

Day 2 – Plan to meet at Old Mans Cave at first light. We will spend the day exploring Devil’s Bathtub and work our way to the lower falls as weather and light allows.

This workshop will require a moderate amount of hiking over rough, uneven, snow and ice covered terrain. Participants should be comfortable with their ability to negotiate a hike of up to a two miles over rough, uneven and at time steep terrain.

The fee for both days of this workshop is $200.00. The fee for a single day is $125.00. These fees is for instruction only, all other expenses, including travel, accommodations and meals are the responsibility of the participants. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot, please note whether you will be attending both days or day 1 or 2. The balance is due by January 31, 2017. The deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made by January 31, after which the deposit and balance will be refunded if the spot can be filled.

Additional information on the location, preparing for the weather, required hiking equipment, and suggested camera gear will be e-mailed to all registered participants in January.

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